Monday, June 24, 2013

The Tea Spot: Ohhhhhh!!!!.......Oh Eddie! You’re the King!

I had a great time yesterday!  I had Afternoon Tea at the King Edward Hotel with some friends from my tea club.  The venue was understated yet elegant.  Beautiful paintings of floral arrangements and French street scenes adorned the walls. 

The Menu

Our Chef extraordinaire!
The menu consisted of the following:

  • Chicken salad with bacon and avocado
  • Salmon and mango swirl
  • Tomato confit and goat cheese
  • Egg salad
Finger Sandwiches
  • Plain scone
  • Scone with wild blueberries
  • Devonshire cream, strawberry jam, lemon curd

The creamy goodness!
The money shot!

  • Madeleine cookies
  • Flourless chocolate cake
  • Raspberry custard in a shot glass
  • Peaches 'n cream cake

Just desserts
Just desserts again!

 For tea, I opted to go for the Darjeeling Oolong which was a blend of Indian Darjeeling and a Chinese Oolong.  This combination provided some astringency along with the flavour and aroma of orchids.  I went with this tea because I love Darjeeling -- it’s the Champagne of teas, and I love Champagne!  As well, I’ve become a big fan of Oolongs; the beautiful floral scents and flavours they yield are intoxicating. 

My cuppa tea!

The food was delicious! The soft scones along with the very rich cream were to die for! Though the desserts were quite good, I could have gone for more sandwiches and scones instead as I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

The only issue I had that left me disappointed was the way the tea was served.  The tea leaves were placed directly into the teapots without a filter such as a tea ball diffuser.  A filter was provided for pouring the tea into the teacups.  Serving tea in such a way will leave any remaining tea tasting bitter as it will continue to brew in the teapot as you consume what you poured into your teacup.  A tea ball infuser would have allowed the drinker to remove the ball after a brew time they desired, and then reuse it for any additional water when they were ready for another round of tea.
Eddie's tea pouring technique
Filtered for each cup

I would definitely make another trip to the King Edward Hotel for their tea at a future date.  Though, I might send them a note about their tea serving technique! 

Hanging out with some great people to chit chat with made for a wonderful Sunday afternoon!  Thanks to my good friend and fellow tea lover, Lisa, for organizing this event.  You rock girl!

Lisa with an empty cuppa!


  1. I've never been here for High Tea before, it looks good, but agree about the diffuser.

  2. I'm surprised you didn't comment on the title of this post!