Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Tea Spot: What kinda tea do you have on tap?

Okay, I was not planning on posting this as I did not feel this was a true tea experience, but a couple of people twisted my arm after I told them all about it.  Here you go!

This last Sunday, I decided to partake in a day trip offered through ShortTrips.ca, a company owned by my good friend Sash.  On this particular day, Sash organized an outing taking place around the Brantford, Hamilton, and Dundas area of Ontario. 

Sash enjoying a beer for afternoon tea!

The day started off at the Olde Schoolhouse Restaurant for brunch which was delicious and my table companions were a hoot!  

Afterwards, we headed off to tour a lavender farm at Weirs Lane Lavender Farm & Apiary.  I didn't even know lavender grew in Canada.  I thought it was a very European thing.  Who knew? 

Weirs Lane Lavender Farm

To end the day off, we headed to the town of Dundas which was a complete ghost town on a Sunday afternoon.  After aimlessly strolling around town which took about 20 minutes, we made our way to a charming and delightful little tea house for afternoon tea.  NOT!  We were accommodated in the bowels of a bar called Collin's Brewhouse!  Yeah baby!  This is not your girly-girl tea hangout with doilies, chandeliers, and paintings of floral arrangements. Nope!  I'm sure this is where guys held their stags watching vacant-looking strippers perform their routines!  The d├ęcor had all the makings of a sports bar private room:  several television screens, a pool table, a bar, and folding chairs.  All it needed was some loud rock music, a Leafs game on the TV's, and guys chowing down on chicken wings along with pints of beer.

Collin's Brewhouse private function room.

English billiards with your English tea?

The staff at Collin's was great!  High five gang!  They provided a delicious food spread, though a bit on the large scale.  No dainty, crust-free, finger sandwiches with light fillings here!  We were offered MANwiches!  I went for the turkey wrap, veggie manwich, and a fruit salad.  My dessert consisted of a chocolate brownie, carrot cake, and a Nanaimo bar.  Quite good!  Tea was a disappointment, but I wasn't expecting them to have the appropriate tea vessels, diffusers and a list of high-end loose-leaf teas.  They provided Higgins & Burke tea bags.  I had a green tea which I found to be a bit tart.  I noticed I was the only one who had tea.  Everyone else went for beer and cocktails!  Hey, they know they're in a bar!

For the hungry man!

My green tea in a bag.


Though, this is not what I was expecting in afternoon tea, it was enjoyable and I made the most of it, especially since I was dressed appropriately for a bar.  I looked like I was on my way to a Pearl Jam concert!  It's the plaid shirt.

I'm with the band!


  1. I wanted to do that trip, it looked great!

    We actually have lavender growing in our backyard. :)

  2. Really? Are you doing anything with the lavender? Make lavender tea or honey with it?