Monday, October 28, 2013

The Tea Spot: Sereni-tea Now!

Yesterday, my tea group and I headed out to the sweet town of Guelph in Ontario for high tea at The Boathouse. This is a really pretty and picturesque area. The Boathouse is situated along the Speed River with trees that had turned beautiful shades of oranges and reds. There was even a covered bridge nearby that added to the ambiance. I found it very serene.  It's something I really needed at this time in my life…a moment alone to calm the chatter in my head.

The Boathouse signage

View along the river

Covered bridge

The Boathouse served up a traditional high tea. Some items included:

Finger Sandwiches
Cucumber with cream cheese
Egg Salad
Tuna Salad

Finger sandwiches

Plain scone 
Strawberry jam

Plain scone

Tiramisu cake
Brownie with crunchy nuts
Lemon cake
Chocolate coffee cake


The sandwiches weren't anything special. They were simple fillings between slices of multigrain bread. I thought the scone was the best! It was moist inside and just enough for me to finish off. I was a little disappointed with the whipped-cream though. It was too runny and soupy. Whipped-cream has to stand on its own. Another bowl was requested later-on which was perfect, but I had already devoured my scone by then. For dessert I went for the lighter items like the éclair as well as the nutty brownie I had my eye on. It was really good! 

For tea, I had the Boathouse Private Blend which was a Ceylon tea and their “secret” flavour blend with hints of almond and orange. Not sure what the “secret” part was, but obviously something that could not be shared! It was a loose-leaf tea served in a filter bag. The liquor was a lovely golden-orange colour. The fragrant was sweet and fruity. The flavour was a smooth, 
sweet orange without any bitter aftertaste. I drank several cups of it straight without milk or sugar. It was lovely.

Boathouse blend

As always, the dialogue around the table was the best. Put a group of women together and discussions always turn to dating horror stories and about men with strange quirks and habits. Always a hoot! It was a perfect Sunday to head out of town for good conversation and food. I would definitely venture back out this way in the future.

Colours of fall!

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