Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Tea Spot: I had High Tea with Donald Trump!

Okay, “The Donald” did not show-up! I think he would make a very interesting conversation over tea, no? Give me all his trade secrets on real estate investments while we munch on overpriced finger sandwiches and sip tea. Occasionally he would shoot me a stern look and point an accusatory finger at me when he's giving me the lowdown on something very conniving while I think up of ways on how to remove that rug off his thick skull! (Back to Earth now!)  For high tea this month, a group of us headed to Stock Restaurant Bar & Lounge located at The Trump International Hotel & Tower

Christmas in the Lobby!

Stock Logo

Apparently Stock does not normally do high tea events. Our organizer-extraordinaire, Lisa, pulled a few strings, and so we became their guinea pigs. Our table was set-up as a conference style square, in a poorly lit room with a great view of the city. The menu was fantastic with an abundant selection. It was a departure from what you normally get at high tea which I thought was a refreshing change!

Scones and Croissants

It consisted of the following:
  • Roasted Portobello and goat cheese wraps with charred peppers, arugula, and cured lemon aioli 
  • Smoked salmon on bagels with cream cheese, capers, and sliced red onions 
  • Roasted turkey breast with avocado, asiago cheese, spinach, and honey mustard 
  • Peppered roast beef, Canadian cheddar, and caramelized onions 
  • An assortment of fruit-filled scones along with cream cheese and preserves 
  • An assortment of fruit-filled turnovers 
  • Plain, flaky, buttery croissants 
  • Chocolate and buttercream mini-cupcakes with chocolate decorations 
  • Powered-chocolate and coconut-crunch truffles

Smoked Salmon

For tea, I opted for the Vanilla Orchard Yunnan Black Tea by Forté. This is loose-leaf tea provided in pyramidal tea bags. I wrote about these bags in a previous post, The Accidental Teabagger! It's a divine black tea with Madagascar vanilla and hints of coconut. I loved it mainly because I'm a huge coconut freak! However, I did expect that a place with Trump’s name on it to offer actual loose-leaf tea properly prepared with all the gadgets that go along with a high tea. Forté is great though, so not an issue!

Norm, a fellow globetrotter and tea lover!

Forté Tea

As great as the food spread was, the event had its hiccups. I thought the sandwiches were way too thick! They are supposed to be finger sandwiches, not manwiches! As well, they were very stale. The longer they remained on their trays, the drier they got. After a while they were so rock-hard that you could easily use them as paperweights. One of my table companions even joked that they could be used as “weapons”! Even the bagels used for the salmon were thick, and really, you don't want all that bread for something so light and delicate like smoked salmon.

Turkey manwich weapon!

The mushroom wraps were delicious, but again, a smaller portion would have sufficed. The scones were not bad, but I found them too crumbly. They broke too easily with your fingers, and to pair it with Philadelphia brick style, cream cheese, made it even worse! Not good. Stick with the clotted-cream, please! The desserts were good. Not too sweet and a perfect bite-sized portion.

Yummy Mini-cupcakes!

Even yummier truffles!

The service could have been better. The staff was great, but the logistics was terrible. There didn't seem to be enough of each food item for everyone at the tables. One side of the room didn't receive any cupcakes and additional scones were offered at the end of the whole sitting. Trays were being moved around from place to place so that each person could get their share. It would have been better if more platters were used and distributed evenly across the tables, that way no one would have to stretch over others to take something or scream over each other to pass something over.

As always, hanging out with friends for interesting conversation and laughter is what makes the whole experience most pleasurable. I would definitely head back to Stock if they make tea events a regular part of their service and only if they've worked out all the kinks to proper tea servicing. Otherwise, Mr. Trump, you're fired!

Norm and his thoughts on the 20% tip!


  1. Great Post! I'm still waiting to go to tea with you.

  2. Thanks for the comment! Let's make a date for tea.

  3. Great wrap up.....made me smile thinking of "manwiches" :)

    1. Thanks Kiran! I did like your "WMD's" description! Nice seeing you again!