Monday, January 27, 2014

Steeping Beauty: Lathering up with Tea!

Travelling is another one of my passions. I've been all over the world so not only have I seen so much of this great planet, but I've also stayed in all sorts of hotels. From one of my previous escapes out to Western Canada, my hotel room included samples of green tea shampoo. I took home the extras I didn't use and just realized I had some and thought this would be the perfect opportunity for a post on it. 

Nourishment for my hair.

Not sure what kind of green tea was used or if it was just some imitation scent, but the shampoo really does smell like green tea. It has a sweet aroma almost like 
sweet Matcha or green tea ice-cream.

The product is called Nourish, and is labelled as a mineralizing shampoo with green tea. I was unable to find it at any of the mainstream shops you would find shampoo. It's made in Canada and is available online at Hunter Amenities which is a company that supplies such items to hotels and spas. 

Getting ready to lather up!

The product itself isn't too bad though. A lovely, refreshing scent and pale green colour just like green tea. I’m noticing more and more products including tea as part of the ingredients which is great since tea does amazing things for your body and well-being.
Unfortunately, I didn't have any accompanying conditioner to go along with my shampoo. I had to detangle and soften my long locks with coconut oil instead.  Other than that, it's a nice shampoo.

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