Monday, March 3, 2014

My Cuppa: Too fruity to me!

Now that all my friends know about my passion for tea and about my blog dedicated to all things tea, they not only have questions about tea, but they also want me to test drive certain teas and what I think of them. Friends seem especially interested in herbal teas especially the tutti frutti kinds.  I do my best to educate them on the differences between teas and tisanes, red and black tea, and so-called chai tea.  They genuinely do find it all as fascinating as I do, or maybe they’re just humouring me!

The tea I’m trying out was provided to me by a classmate from a course we’re taking together. This is a tea bag, and that’s alright! As I stated in an earlier post, tea bags have their place too. Besides, who am I to turn down free tea? I am happy to oblige. This is a flavoured green tea named Tropical Marvel from a company called Greenfield, which I've never heard of. Supposedly it's readily available at a lot of Russian specialty shops.  My friend did not particularly like this tea because of her profound hatred for pineapple, which she made very clear to me! The packet states that this green tea is blended with “apple and citrus notes” as well as “pineapple and spicy ginger”. Sounds exotic! Though I’m not too big on flavour-enhanced teas, I like to keep an open-mind. Again, it’s free tea! Booyah!

My test drive!

I infused my tea for 5 – 7 minutes as suggested on the packet. The tea bag is a double chamber which allows the leaves to expand within the extra space. The aroma was strong of pineapple! I knew right away I was going to agree with my friend on this one. The leaves yield a clear yellow-green liquor. The fragrance is very fruity with not a hint of green tea. The taste was very much of pineapples. I felt like I was drinking a warm piƱa colada! Definitely not my cuppa, though it might make a great iced-tea to enjoy on a hot summer’s day, or perhaps as a frozen treat.

The verdict.

That’s one down. I have more samples to go through for future dates! Booyah!

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