Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Tea Spot: La tea da at Shangri-la!

Today I headed out with my tea group to the swanky Shangri-La Hotel for Afternoon Tea in their Lobby LoungeI've been dying to check this place out since it opened. Glad I finally got the chance! The area where we had our tea was stunning and so relaxing; the service was impeccable; the tea along with its delights was elegant in just the right portions to keep you satisfied without feeling overstuffed!'s a, it's a, it's a...

The selection of teas offered was quite extensive with interesting names and combinations. Oh the choices! I decided to break away from tradition by going with the Green Yerba Maté from Brazil. That’s right, I opted for a tisane! It was described as a “robust yet earthy green infusion with gentle and lingering vegetal character”

A perfect pour!

The golden yellow liquor tasted sweet and mellow. I’ll talk about yerba maté in a future post. The only issue I had was the way it was served. The leaves were placed directly in the pot, which over time will turn soupy and bitter tasting. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I would suggest a diffuser ball or a removable filter that can be placed back in the teapot when requiring a refill.

My cuppa tisane!

The food was an enticing spread of finger sandwiches, scones, and desserts, traditionally prepared but with that extra kick that was anything but normal! Besides the egg salad and cucumber and cream-cheese sandwiches, we had a chunky chicken salad on nutty multigrain bread and a lobster salad brioche which was light and divine! 

Dainty delights!

The scones were warm and soft. Perfect with the jam and Devonshire Cream they came with. 

Oh so good scones!

Desserts consisted of a chocolate raspberry mousse cake that was so rich and yummy; a lemon dome cake with a good balance of sweet and tangy; an orange angel food cake with meringue; and a shot-glass of a pineapple and ginger mixture topped with a rich cream. 

Lovely little ones!

The Shangri-la was the perfect spot to lounge in on a Sunday afternoon with some great ladies to gossip and giggle with just before the rain. I would definitely come back here for its outstanding, friendly service and of course, Afternoon Tea!

The Great Wall of China!

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