Thursday, August 14, 2014

A cold one for the lazy girl!

A few weeks ago, a friend and I attended the first ever Taste of Toronto. I was lucky enough to win the tickets by correctly answering a tea trivia question from one of my Twitter followers. The event was quite good. There were plenty of yummy samples to try along with more higher-end offerings available for purchase.

There were a lot of tea vendors, so naturally I lingered a little longer at their booths. One vendor had a display for an iced tea called Pure Leaf, which I had never heard of. As I sipped on my sample, the vendor was explaining what Pure Leaf was: a product with no preservatives, added colour, or artificial flavouring. It was just tea brewed from the selected tea leaves grown on some of the best plantations around the world. 

Ready to go!

I loved it! It really did taste like a cup of freshly brewed tea. It was not artificial tasting or overly sweet and masked with so much lemon flavouring like one of its popular competitors which always deterred me from purchasing and consuming it. I sampled the lemon flavoured iced tea, but there was also a raspberry flavour as well as unsweetened flavours.

The great thing about attending foodie events is the many coupons and discounts you are offered. I received a couple of coupons from Pure Leaf which I so happily took and redeemed immediately! Hey, as much as I love brewing up my own iced tea, sometimes you get a little lazy and want someone else to do all the hard work. Nothing wrong with that, and this just hit the spot!


  1. I will let Rob know! This is a Pepsi product and he brought some home from work that I still haven't tried. After your review, I think I will! :)

    1. Oh, I've reviewed's a great ready-made iced-tea. Even sent a tweet to Pure Leaf about it.