Monday, August 18, 2014

Sippin’ by the lake!

Up until this last weekend, I hadn't been to Harbourfront Centre for about a year. It’s a lovely area by the lake and there’s always something to do there especially in the summer with so many cultural and foodie events. In the last couple of years, there have even been a few tea events. I decided to attend a couple of them during the Hot & Spicy Food Festival.

The first event I attended was a cooking demonstration for Chocolate Cayenne Shortbread Cookies along with a lecture on Victorian Afternoon Tea by Marilyn Mirabelli of Simply Splendid Victorian Afternoon Teas.

Fit for tea!

She discussed the history of afternoon tea, table-setting, tea wares, tea preparation, and etiquette. The shortbread cookies had a twist in that they included cayenne pepper as an ingredient which added a kick near the end of each bite. Everyone had a chance to sample the cookies along with cups of Red Rose tea, and we were all provided with a copy of the recipe for home baking.

Spiced-up cookies!

The second event was held in the evening and was presented by my fellow Tea Sommelier, Carol whose events I've attended in the past. Her show was called The Art of Throwing a Sizzling Hot Cocktail Party. Carol talked about required bar and food items, party themes, mood music, and activities. As well, she demonstrated how to make some popular drinks and prepared various finger foods and dips. One of the drinks she made was a Sweet Southern Tea which is very much like iced tea. A member of the audience, who happened to be a bartender, volunteered to make a pomegranate cocktail using the sweet tea and slices of citrus fruits.

Though Carol’s presentation was not centred on tea as her other events, it was still interesting to see how to put together an affordable Mardi Gras themed party with a little imagination and creativity. A booklet of all the drink and food recipes were also provided to all the attendees.

Life of the party!

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