Thursday, August 28, 2014

Steeping Beauty: This is a real head turner!

So many uses for tea I keep saying! It’s found in many beauty products from creams and lotions, to shampoos and scrubs…the list is endless. Of course you can make up your own recipes right at home. All you need is tea, perhaps a few other ingredients, and a little time and patience.

My trademark hair is long, dark, with reddish highlights, and I do my best to look after it. One way I take care of it is by rinsing it with black (red) tea. It’s very simple and you need not purchase high quality, expensive loose leaf teas. Use tea bags instead. Red Rose, Tetley, Lipton, even a no-name brand will do. Brew up some tea as normal and allow the tea to cool down completely. I brew my tea for much longer than if I were to drink it. Going well over 20 minutes is fine. I also make enough to fill a small spray bottle allowing me to have it ready to go for another time. 

Put your hands up!

After the tea has completely cooled down, simple pour it into a spray bottle, and spray onto your hair. Make sure your hair is totally saturated with the tea. Pin up your hair, and relax for about 20 minutes. You can also, ladle the tea over your hair, catching it in a bucket to repeat several times before discarding it. After the time is up, wash it out. Shampoo if you desire, or just rinse out with water. Your hair will look radiant over many applications!

Hit me with your best shot!

Apparently tea rinses can help darken grey hair. Perhaps not entirely, but I’ll have to wait several more years for me to confirm this claim. Some even believe their hair becomes stronger and prevents shedding after several rinses with tea. This might have something to do with all the incredible nutrients and antioxidants tea has. 

Blondes can also do a rinse using Chamomile as I mentioned in a previous post. I suppose redheads could try Rooibos to enhance their hair colour as well.

If anyone was able to turn their grey hair darker with a tea rinse, let me know. Would love to know if it works.

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