Sunday, September 7, 2014

My Cuppa: It’s Rooibos, honey!

Things were hectic this past week, so I thought I’d start September off with a simple tasting. I've selected another Greenfield sample suggested by my friend. This one is called Honey Rooibos, which is a Rooibos tisane flavoured with honey. My friend didn't like this at all as she is not a fan of honey.  Really?


I prepared the tisane as instructed on the packet by steeping it for 7-9 minutes. As the water gradually grew into a gorgeous, golden orange-red colour, the aroma of the honey really became noticeable. I did find it a bit strong and overpowering myself.


I love Rooibos. It’s great on its own or even with a little milk and sugar. However, I was just not impressed with this brew. I was expecting something far more flavourful because of the intense colouration and strong scent. This sample lacked in flavour and felt thin as it lingered on my tongue. It seemed as though I was just drinking warm water. I drank it as is, but I don’t think that adding anything to it would have helped.

There are many teas and tisanes that aren't so bad even when made using tea bags. From my own experience, I find Rooibos produces much better cups from loose leaves, but I’ll continue to keep an open mind for the sake of research and discovery!

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