Sunday, September 21, 2014

Tea Tips: It's a dirty job, but I gotta do it!

Chores are never fun, but they must be done. I noticed my wooden pieces of furniture were quite dull looking no matter how often I dusted and wiped them down. I love my solid wood furniture and did not want to use harsh chemicals on them. A mixture of water and vinegar could work, but the smell is not particularly pleasant. I had heard that tea could be used as a substitute cleanser, so after some sleuthing on the internet for confirmation, I came across many do-it-yourself articles about using tea for cleaning purposes. 

Just spray...

It’s very simple! For your wooden furniture or hardwood floors, use the cheapest black (red) tea you have. Tea bags, even the no-name brands work just fine. Just brew as normal making enough for what you want to clean. I steeped 2 tea bags in 4 cups of water. After allowing it to cool down, I poured it into a spray bottle. You may need to brew more tea and pour it into a bucket if you intend to use it for mopping the floors.

and wipe.

Now it’s time to clean. Simply spray the tea onto your furniture, and use a cotton cloth to buff and wipe. Not only will the tea clean and make the surface shine, the acidic properties of the tea will help keep the wood in good condition and even enhance its colour. Add a few drops of lemon juice to your brew for really dirty surfaces like the floors. You can even try a flavoured tea like Earl Grey or some other fruity blends to add a sweet scent to the room. 
It's clean!

Tea as a cleaning solution is so economical and friendly to the environment. Happy weekend chores!

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