Friday, October 31, 2014

My Cuppa: No tricks, just treats!

BOO! Okay I thought I'd do up a post in celebration of Halloween. Hopefully this doesn't scare you away! 

Every year around this time we are bombarded by all things pumpkin: pies, muffins, even scented candles. Something else we can’t get enough of is PSL or Pumpkin Spice Latte. I figured I could come up with my own concoction instead of having to fork over my life’s savings to the coffee houses each time just to enjoy this treat. Really, how hard could it be?

It really is not difficult at all. To make this popular beverage, all you need is a good spicy tea and some pumpkin purée. For my tea, I used the recipe from my Masala Hottie post I did a few months back. If you don’t want to go through the trouble of making the spices, no problem. Such spices are available pre-made at grocery stores. You can even use pre-made masala teas available as loose leaves and tea bags.

Pure Pumpkin

Using my masala chai recipe:

1.  Pour the brewed tea through a sieve to remove all the large solids of the spices.

2.  Add some pumpkin purée. I used 1 tablespoon for every cup. Mix over medium heat until purée is completely dissolved. 

3.  Pour through a sieve once more to remove any remaining fine particles and lumps. 

4.  Add your choice of sweetener and milk to taste. I used raw sugar and 2% milk. 

5.  Heat for another minute or so, then pour your pumpkin, spiced tea into large mugs. You’re done…almost! 

You could enjoy your brew as is, or you could kick it up and add whipped-cream for something extra special! I found a coconut whipped-cream at the grocers. OMG! I am a coconut freak! Then sprinkle some cinnamon or chocolate on top if you’d like. I used some nutmeg. The result was frightfully good!

With coconut whipped-cream! OMG!

There you go. Nothing spooky here! Have a Happy Halloween!

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