Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Tea Spot: A delightful evening with a Turkish twist!

I just got back from a holiday tea get together organized by my good friend Lisa. This time, we headed over to a small establishment call Art Square CafĂ© which is a restaurant and art gallery combo. I've been here before and I just love it for its atmosphere.

For the tea and art lover!

This gathering was just a simple mix and mingle amongst tea lovers. Like most such functions, it included raffles, ice-breakers, seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones. 

Chocolate teapots!

The food included cheese and fruit platters, as well as Turkish cuisine like roasted red pepper, eggplant, and hummus spreads served along with garlic pita. Turkish Delight was offered for dessert which was so good. Not super sweet and not the bright orange you normally think of for this dessert. Of course, we had some amazing Turkish tea which was smooth and soothing. I found myself sipping it like wine especially since it was poured into cute little glass vessels.

Fruit platter.

The food spread.

It appeared everyone had a good time participating in the wacky games, eating great food, and looking at beautiful artwork. A nice night out on an unseasonably warm final day of November. I’ll definitely be coming back to Art Square again. It’s the perfect place to enjoy some amazing teas and write up a post or two!

Art of tea!

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