Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Tea Spot: Puttin’ on the Ritz!

Today on this lovely Sunday afternoon, I spent time with my tea-loving group for Afternoon Tea at the exquisite Ritz-Carlton. Of course, the Ritz has a reputation for high-end, first-class service. From the beautiful, mellow ambiance, to the artistically prepared incredible eats, and the fantastic service of their staff. The Ritz did not disappoint. It’s a must for repeat visits.

Blue teapot.

Our hostess went into some detail of the types of teas they offered, encouraging us to open each sample of loose leaf tea for closer inspection and taking in the lovely fragrances each tea provided. The teas are made by a Canadian company called Sloane. It is a company I am familiar with but never had the chance to try. I selected the Oolong Crème which was a blended oolong from the Wuyi Mountains of China. The tightly rolled, dry leaves smelled phenomenal! Coconut with floral hints. 

Sloane Teas.

Our finger sandwiches and desserts were to die for! A definite departure from tradition. Everything was a feast for the eyes! Even the pedestal they were displayed on took them to new heights. You would never think to feel stuffed when partaking in Afternoon Tea. Really? The Ritz provided so many nibbles to leave you completely sated for the rest of the day! The items we enjoyed with our pots of tea included:
  • Quiche Lorraine with spinach and mushrooms
  • Egg salad with sliced tomatoes on toast
  • Cheese with sun-dried heirloom tomatoes on toast
  • Smoked salmon in a croissant
  • Curried chicken mini burgers
  • Cucumber with dill cream cheese on toast

Finger sandwiches.

My plate.

  • Scones with raisins
  • Maple choux paste pastry
  • Macaron with fresh raspberries
  • Red velvet mini cupcakes
  • Lemon meringue custard tart
  • Chocolate and coffee layered cake


Holy macaron!

Is this a menu or what!?!

My oolong was superb! Delicate with a light coconut, floral aroma and taste. I enjoyed two pots along with all my treats. One thing I really liked best about the Ritz was the way the tea was offered. The tea leaves were brewed in the teapots with their very own built-in filter. This allowed me to remove the filter after my preferred steeping duration. This was unlike some of the other tea spots I attended where they placed the tea leaves in the pots without filters, causing the tea to turn into a bitter soup over time. The Ritz nailed it!

My tea!

With excellent food, tea, and service, a great time was had by all. I also enjoyed the lively and jovial conversations I had with the lovely gals at my table. As for The Ritz? It is definitely on my list for an afternoon escape another time.

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