Monday, March 23, 2015

Yes Chef: Genmaicha Do-It-Yourself!

On a previous post, I talked about what Genmaicha was and how to make yourself a cup of this lovely tea. I used a pre-made mix I had purchased from a tea shop. However, Genmaicha is quite is easy to make at home. All you need is some brown rice, and a green tea you have on hand. I’ll be using Sencha in this example, but you can use Bancha, Tencha, Gunpowder, Longjing etc... Try different green teas and see what you like. Finally, determine the quantity of the final product you want and follow these steps:

  • Spread an even layer of brown rice in a pan. Place over a burner on medium heat about 5 – 8 minutes.
Time for toasting!

  • Swirl the rice occasionally for complete toasting of each grain.
  • Allow rice to slowly turn a darker brown colour. Some grains may pop and that’s fine.
Golden grains!

  • Remove pan from heat and allow rice to cool down. I placed the rice on a plate for cooling.
  • Mix the toasted rice with your choice of green tea.

  • Make yourself a cup and enjoy! make this!

The toasted rice will have a nutty aroma and even a bit like popcorn. You can place the rice in its own air-tight container to be used for mixing when you’re ready to make yourself tea. Alternatively, you may combine the rice with the green tea right away in a container. I use my mix within 2 weeks.

Play around with the ratios of rice to green tea when mixing. I did a 1:1 ratio. Some may want more tea and less rice or vice versa. If you’d like, you may add a ¼ teaspoon of Matcha to the mix for each cup in order to make Matcha-Iri-Genmaicha. Yum!

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