Sunday, April 5, 2015

My Cuppa: All cheer, because Easter is here!

The Easter Bunny’s in town, and he supplied me with a sample of tea he thought I would appreciate! The tea I sampled this time is from Greenfield, a company whose teas I've tried before and mentioned in various posts. It is one of their theme teas called Easter Cheer. The description on the packet stated that this is a “black tea from the best Indian estates”. It did not indicate which estate and there was no mention on their website. 

Rah, rah, rah!

Upon opening the packet, I was hit with a lovely fragrance of vanilla and citrus. I even detected hints of chocolate. It was intoxicating! I prepared the tea as the packet suggested for 5-7 minutes. I waited about 3 minutes after boiling the water before pouring it over the tea. The water slowly turned into a glorious reddish-orange colour, almost like Rooibos. The aroma was a light lemon. 

The 7 minute dunk.

I enjoyed my tea as is. It was very delicate and I felt it would be ruined with the addition of milk and sweeteners. I actually liked this tea. It had a light vanilla and lemon flavour much like the aroma. It didn't taste like a tea to me. It seemed more herbal. I thought this would make a great iced-tea to enjoy at a backyard garden party in the summertime.

Thank you Easter Bunny! Now where are my chocolate cream eggs?

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