Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Tea Spot: Doing Dufflet on a drizzly day!

Today I spent an afternoon with a few friends for tea, small bites, and chit chat. We headed to a place call Dufflet in the eastern beaches area. Torontonians who love their dessert and pastries definitely know Dufflet. They’ve even been featured on Food Network Canada. I had no idea that Dufflet had Afternoon Tea on their menu. It wasn’t bad. Not as posh as some of their more high-end counterparts, but good enough to keep one satisfied. 

Sweet treat!

Our teas were from Sloane, a company I had mentioned in my Ritz Afternoon Tea outing. This time I choose Heavenly Cream, a blend of Ceylon and Assam teas, flavoured with Italian bergamot and hints of vanilla. It was superb! The aroma was fruity and flowery. The golden red liquor tasted nutty and creamy. Just perfect on its own without any bitter aftertaste.

The nibbles were pretty typical. It consisted of finger sandwiches, scones with jams and clotted-cream, and a selection of tiny sweets. The desserts were delicious, exactly what Dufflet is famous for. An array of cakes, meringues, creams, and crusts that did not disappoint. 

Dufflet's delights!

The currant scones were okay, just a little too cakey for my liking. Slathering them with cream helped to moisten them a bit. I wasn’t particularly fond of the finger sandwiches though. Only two kinds were served: cucumber with cream cheese, and smoked salmon with cream cheese. Both were made on white bread that was way too thick and rather stale. The crusts weren’t even removed! Oh well. Dufflet isn’t really known for sandwiches.

Dufflet's duds!

I really enjoyed catching up with old friends and seeing some new faces. Good conversation and laughter always come up at these meetups. Our day was supposed to end with a casual stroll on the boardwalk by the lake, but with the weather so cold, wet, and windy, that idea was nixed. Perhaps another time when I just happen to find myself in the neighbourhood and have a hankering for tea and some of Dufflet’s delectable delights!

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