Sunday, July 5, 2015

Come Oolong for tea!

Recently, I attended another tea tasting with some fellow tea lovers. This time around, we enjoyed various oolongs. I'll discuss what these amazing teas are on a future post. For now, the tastings!

I was introduced to oolong teas about 4 years ago by a tea merchant near where I live. They were some of the most aromatic and flavourful teas I had ever tasted. Floral and sweet, they were like bottles of perfume. One even tasted like ice wine, only it was warm.

The unveiling!

The teas we sipped at this tasting were much different. We detected everything from sweet, sour, bitter, salty, and umami. One was bland and watery, with not much taste at all. Another had more body with some vegetal notes. Still, we had another one that tasted smoky and quite bitter. It was like tobacco. The aromas were all over the place as well. Vegetal, caramel, smoky, and light floral scents were noted. There were definitely hits and misses for everyone!

A 1991 oolong.

Some of the oolong teas we sampled:
  • Siji Chun
  • Jin Xuan
  • Dong Ding
  • Li Shan
  • 1994 Tieguanyin
  • 1991 Wenshan Baozhong

My personal favourites were the Dong Ding and the Wenshan Baozhong oolongs. I sensed floral, vegetal, and umami tastes from the Dong Ding. The flavour was a nice mixture with good body and a lovely golden colour. The Wenshan Baozhong was great too, slightly salty. I noticed that the taste did not become bitter or strong even after it sat stewing away for many minutes.

I'd love some!  Thanks!

Not only was the event a good learning experience about the history and geography of oolongs, but the introduction to new and rare teas was a treat and something I may add to my list of future purchases. Another great evening tasting awesome teas was had!

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