Sunday, July 26, 2015

Silly sips for a bunch of bucks!

With the hot and humid weather my city’s been experiencing lately, I’ve turned to various ways to beat the heat and keep myself comfortable: taking colder showers, sleeping naked, eating ice-cream, drinking more water. I’ve also been enjoying more iced-teas and smoothies.

One day, whilst meeting a friend who works at a Starbucks in my neighbourhood, I noticed they had a Green Tea Frappuccino on the menu. I went for it even though I’m usually dead set against ordering over-priced fancy schmancy drinks with long silly names that sometimes damage the true essence of the main ingredients. In this case, Matcha

Green Tea Frappuccino.

This Frappuccino was a blend of Matcha and milk, lightly sweetened, and poured over ice. You may have it as is or topped with whipped cream which I had. Hey! Go big or go home, eh?

With whipped cream!

I’m not gonna lie. It was delicious! Creamy and refreshing, with a hint of Matcha. Though I do prefer my Matcha made the traditional way, this is an indulgence I can handle occasionally. It is definitely not something I could drink regularly, hot outside or not. It’s not the healthiest thing and it could leave me penniless!

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