Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Cuppa: A mystery in a mug!

More tea gifts! Woo-hoo! At a recent meetup with a friend, I was given a sample of green tea that was blended with lavender and pomegranate. Not sure what brand the tea was or even what type of tea. It was given to me in a little white paper bag. Something my friend picked-up in a shop in her part of the city. Hey, it’s a freebie! As long as it’s not one of those questionable type of “herbs”, I’ll try it. I trust her!

Upon careful inspection at home, the tea appeared to be Sencha, a tea I drink on a regular basis. It was pretty with the specs of lavender and pomegranate. Smelled good too. Fruity and flowery with just a hint of lavender.

Mystery tea!

I prepared the tea the usual way I make Sencha. However, I found that the 2 minute infusion time made for a very bland brew with no flavour at all, and so, added another 3 minutes on the clock. The result was far better. It provided me a golden cup of tea with a lovely light scent much like the dry leaves. The taste was not bitter at all and tasted just like it smelled. The liquor had good body too. It was mellow and nicely coated my mouth. 

Mystery brew!

Though it was not a bad drink, it’s definitely not something I would buy. I prefer Sencha on its own. Good that it didn’t cost me a cent!

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