Monday, November 30, 2015

A blending bonanza with my brew buddies!

November is ending off on a crazy note! The last couple of weeks for me have been a frenzy running around attending various tea events. Only a day after a tea tasting session, I attended a tea blending event to learn about the art of mixing teas and a variety of other ingredients to create a unique product. The lesson was held at T-Buds, a sweet little tea shop I’ve been to before and just love for the great service, delicious food and teas, and friendly staff.

I’ve done a bit of blending on my own in the past by just reading and learning about how to achieve the best results with what ingredients I chose. However, it’s always good to learn from others for new ideas and better ways of doing things. Plus, this was just a fun event. A little messy, but definitely fun.

Some explaining to do!

Our host from T-Buds was great. He started off by explaining how blending became trendy in the last 10 years and is all the rage right now. You can see this with the dominance of tea shops like David’s Tea with their range of tutti-fruity, nutty, and colourful tea blends. I’ve always stated that I’m not a big fan of these teas, preferring the purity and true essence of the tea itself, but, I do understand the appeal. Some of them aren’t too bad. Others are way too overwhelming with everything but the tea!

All available options.

Upon the wrap-up of instructions on ratios, proper portioning, using items just for visual effect, and mixing in various spray essences, we began preparing 4 different blends as outlined in recipes with allowance to adjust and play around with items as we wished. As the evening wore on, the room began to fill with the intoxicating aromas of chocolate, mint, coconut, ginger, strawberries, and so many other wonderful scents. 

Are we doing this right?

Yeah, looks good!

Once completed, each group gave funky names to their blends accordingly. My group came up with the following names for our blends:

Hey, I think we could easily market this stuff, no?

Time for a taste test!

We did get a chance to try a couple of our blends, the Sencha and Masala Chai, in our case. They were pretty good. Not really overpowering in ingredients outside of the tea, which is the star. However, blends do need time to settle and mingle before getting a true taste of them. I will try each one sometime in the future and give my review then.

Whew! So glad for a little breather as we enter a new month.

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