Monday, November 9, 2015

My Cuppa: Matcha in an instant!

Though I don’t drink them very often, occasionally I like to indulge in one of those fancy beverages offered at various cafés. I’m talking about lattés, Frappuccinos, and mocha-hottie whatevers! They are rather pricey and just the fact that I have to go out and get one deters me from enjoying them more frequently.

One day whilst I was out grocery shopping and strolling through the tea and coffee aisle, I came across packages of Matcha Lattés by Emperor Love on display. 

Emperor Love Matcha Latté

They were big bags that contained 12 individual packets of latté for single servings in each bag. The price wasn’t bad, so I purchase a bag. 

For singles!

It was quite simple to make. Just place the contents of the packet into a cup, pour in 50°C water, and mix. That’s it! It actually wasn’t bad at all. The colour of the powder was much like Matcha, but of course, it contains other ingredients such as sugar, whey powder, and a bunch of preservatives. 

Looks like Matcha!

The result was a sweet and creamy drink that really hit the spot! The package indicated that these lattés can be prepared both hot or cold over ice. I think having it iced would be perfect! 

Tastes like Matcha too!

I definitely would not drink these lattés every day because of the sugar content. However, they are great when you want instant gratification but can’t be bothered running to your nearest café and paying a pretty penny for.

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