Thursday, December 31, 2015

The last cup!

Here we are again! Another year coming to a close. A little too quickly methinks! My 2015 didn’t start off on a good note. However, like tea leaves slowly unfolding themselves in water and creating something better and different with each infusion, so too did my year.

I did some cool things over the year. I read 28 books, most of which we great, a few not so much. I got re-acquainted with some old hobbies and began working on building new skills. I’ve gone to some amazing tea events, from which I enjoyed consuming a variety of teas, learned some new things about each tea, and met some great people. Along the way, I acquired so much tea I could easily setup my very own mini-mart!

My plan for 2016 is to progress on the new path my life is currently on. Doubt and second-guessing everything still runs through my mind at times, but, I’m trying my best to be my true, authentic self. So, hopefully I’ll unlock the right doors and make a good entrance each time. I’ve got a few goals I want to focus on and accomplish this time around too. I’m glad about this especially as I didn’t really have any goals from the previous two years and just allowed things to go in any direction.

Just a few more hours remaining now for 2015. Hope everyone has a great 2016! I’m off to make another pot of tea! Cheers!

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