Sunday, January 31, 2016

It's all about the tea!

My whole day was occupied by tea yesterday. It always does, but, this was on another level altogether. I volunteered my time at this year’s event of the Toronto Tea Festival. This is a weekend when tea vendors come together to show off their latest products to tea lovin’ consumers.

I want the green one!

 I had a great time working the show floor as an Exhibitor Supervisor. Fancy title, indeed! Really, my duties included assisting vendors with their needs as required such as fetching water. I also directed attendees to the stage and speakers areas advising them of the next presentation. Pretty much the same duties as the last time I volunteered at the festival, only much busier this time around. This conference is getting bigger and better as it becomes more recognized, which is a great thing for tea. However, a larger venue is a definite must. Perhaps next year. 

Upon finishing my volunteering shift and retrieving my “thank you” gift of a tea product, which I will write about on a future post, I made rounds to visit the vendors and of course, sip some tea! It was nice seeing familiar faces and companies like TByDaniel, Camellia Sinensis, TeALCHEMY, and Samadhi Tea House

Great tea Daniel!

It was also great meeting some vendors I had never heard of like Chaiwala, Capital Tea, and Genuine Tea

Nice meeting Genuine Tea!

I tried some amazing teas including some delicious Oolongs, a wonderful Matcha, some yummy blends, and lovely tisanes. I learned some new things by some of the vendors I talked to. I even took in a lecture on Chinese Teas. It really was a great event.

Ready for my Matcha.

A cuppa green goodness!

Later that evening…


After my day of running around, answering questions, and smiling forever, I was itching for a stiff drink. Luckily, there was a tea meetup that evening at Infuse Café where a group of us got together for tea cocktails. There were a few choices available to us, but all were infused with vodka rather than water using the BKON system, and then topped off with some Sprite. Woo-hoo! I went for the Genmaicha, the only tea infusion. Others went for various tisanes with names like Sweet Peach, Tropical Crimson, and Wild Hibiscus Berry.

The combination of the tea, vodka, and Sprite was great. It was one of those drinks where you don’t notice the alcohol unless you really try and taste each sip. My Genmaicha had a light roasted aroma and flavour. I liked it. I wanted to suck it back. I sucked it back! It was refreshing. I went for a second round going for the Sweet Peach. It too was good, but I didn’t find it as flavourful as the Genmaicha. In the end, our host from the café hit us all with complimentary shots that included a portion of all the flavours. Not bad at all!

Time for a stiff drink!

I guess the booze was finally kicking in as the evening wore on because lively conversation ensued. We talked about everything and got to know things about each other beyond our love of tea. Faces were becoming flushed and jokes were cracked. Then the incident with the blah, blah, blah – hiccup – and then yadda, yadda, yadda – hiccup – happened and…well my goodness! Am I drunk? Seriously? It’s a good thing I don’t live very far from Infuse Café. Staggering home was a breeze!


  1. Hmm Tea and Alcohol.
    Why didn't I think of that?
    Seems like a great idea to mix up for a New Years party. ;-)
    Did you happen to steal some of the recipes? :-D

    1. Tea and booze go well together. Sorry, no recipes, but it was basically different kinds of teas, vodka, and Sprite. Try it out! :)