Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pour another round of Pu’erh!

Last evening, I met up with my tea group back at our usual digs, Infuse Café. Our host decided we needed to do another round of Pu’erh because it’s so unusual. Hey, I’m in! I’ve grown to enjoy the many variations of this fine tea and learning more about it. 

Impressive compression!

The spin on this session was the manner in which Pu’erh is stored, which can dictate its taste. We were offered two samples of each tea. One was stored in a tin container, the other in a glass container. Both were placed in a dark cabinet in the absence of light. It was up to us to determine if there were any differences between the two. I suspected there would be. Tea is very much like wine. I’ve visited many wineries and have tasted some wines stored in wooden barrels, and others kept in plastic bins. You do notice a difference in taste.

Unravelling the truth!

The Pu’erhs we sampled included:
  • Purple Pu’erh
  • Gyu Pu’erh
  • 7542 Pu’erh made in 2007

My group certainly did detect a difference in taste, aroma, and colour in the Pu’erhs we drank. We had about 3 infusions of each tea as well, which added to more changes. For example: A 1st infusion of a tin container sample was better than a 1st infusion of a glass container sample. However a 2nd infusion of the same tea would be better from the glass container rather than the tin container! Infusion confusion indeed! Very interesting though. However, this wasn’t a very scientific experiment. There could have been more tea in one case, a longer steep time in another case, more water in another case and so on. We would really need to test everything in a controlled setting for more accurate results.

Is it tin or glass?

We also had a lovely Vanilla Mint Chai Pu’erh offered to us by Infuse Café which was made in their BKON system. It tasted like candy cane with hints of chocolate and vanilla. As well, we tried a surprise Pu’erh that our host made at home. It wasn’t bad. A found it a bit lemony while someone else thought it was nutty. Always interesting how everyone has a different palate for the same things.

Is it glass or tin?

It was another great event drinking and comparing teas with lively chatter. I even brought a batch of Matcha Cupcakes I had made for sharing with the group, and they certainly went well with everyone!

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