Sunday, May 29, 2016

My Cuppa: If it looks like a duck!

I was hoping to end the month off with a phenomenal tea review. Instead, I’m closing it off with a tasting of something less extraordinary. The tea itself was fine, but, I wanted something different and interesting. I sort of realized what I was getting into upon reading the very familiar list of ingredients on the package. How does black tea leaves, bergamot flavour, marigold petals, and cornflower petals sound? Yup. It’s another round of Earl Grey

This Earl Grey was part of the gift I had received last Christmas. The package doesn’t indicate “Earl Grey” on it. However, with the classic combination of black tea and bergamot, it was undeniably said tea. 

Look familiar?

It was surprisingly good. Usually gift packaged items as such non-descript, no-name brand type of teas are not the greatest. The dry leaves of this tea resembled the dry leaves of the Cream Earl Grey I had from Pippins. The taste did not equate Pippins, but it did hit the spot, leaving me satisfied and finishing off my sample package instead of trashing it. 

With or without milk?

What can I say really? This was a quickie post with a rather ho-hum way to end off the month. I’ve got some more exciting things coming up in June. Grab another cup of your favourite tea, and try to stay awake!

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