Thursday, June 30, 2016

My Cuppa: Pineapple green tea redux!

A couple of years back, I had sampled a pineapple flavoured green tea a friend had given to me. I didn’t care for it. It was way too fruity for me. Well, I’m taste testing another pineapple enhanced green tea today. This is one of the samples from my Christmas gift. The last sample I tried as part of this package wasn’t that bad, so this may be just as good.

Initially, I wasn’t too keen on it after reading the list of ingredients that included: g
reen tea leaves, natural pineapple flavour, and marigold petals. However, it’s a freebie, so let’s give it a shot! The dry leaves looked attractive, but the aroma reminded me of cotton candy. Right away I was convinced I’d be getting a bad cup. 

Have a look!

Surprisingly, the taste wasn’t that bad. The pineapple was there, but it was subtle. Not overpowering and super sweet like the previous pineapple green tea I had. The aroma was not as strong either. I thought for sure I’d be drinking a cup of sugar. 

Pineapple Green Tea.

Though, I still wouldn’t add this to my regular rotation of teas for consumption, I think this pineapple green tea would make a great iced-tea or perhaps a mixture in an alcoholic beverage. Anyone up for cocktails?

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