Sunday, June 19, 2016

The essential Sencha session!

Last night was another tea outing with my tea club held at Infuse Café. It was also the last event for our organizer, who’s heading off to the Far East for the summer. Hopefully upon his return he’ll have a whole new stash of interesting teas for us to sample. 

The perfect pour!

On this night, we indulged in a sampler kit of various Sencha teas. Not a one was a disappointment. All the teas we consumed were traditionally made in a Gawain. For the most part, multiple infusions of each tea were quite good. There were a couple of teas we felt didn’t work for a 
4th, 3rd, or even a 2nd  infusion. The dry tea leaves we had grew darker green in colour as we went through the sampler which included the following:

1.  Sayama Karigane:  High grade tea stems that looked and smelled like sweet, fresh cut grass. The taste was sweet and lively.

Sayama Karigane

2.  Aracha “Hoju”:  Sweet tasting with the scent of spinach or asparagus.

3.  Sayama Sencha “Kakurei”:  Slightly astringent with grassy notes.

4.  Premium Sayama Sencha “Suiren”:  Slightly astringent and very vegetal that was much like asparagus. The 
2nd infusion was way too bitter and unpleasant.

5.  A handmade Shincha:  From Obubu Farms in Kyoto, it is this year’s harvest and auctioned off at a very pretty penny! We had last year’s harvest at our first ever tea event, and this tea was just as wonderful. The infusion looks like water, but it is so flavourful. Light, sweet, and vegetal. The three infusions were perfect!

Handmade Shincha

Shincha unveiled

Finally, to wish our organizer a bon voyage, Infuse Café provided a round of BKON brewed tea cocktails, much like the vodka infused drinks we had on a previous occasion. This time around, the tea of choice, called “Fruit Sensation”, was a blend of Rooibos, black tea, and a variety of dried fruits. The mixture combined with vodka and carbonated water was delicious! It tasted like a fruit punch or cream soda. It was the perfect drink to end off the evening and a long, hot day.

Time for a stiff drink!

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