Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Tea Spot: A lazy day of culture and tea!

Today was a glorious day for a cultural adventure. I joined for a day trip to head out to a museum, get an educational lesson on teas, followed by Afternoon Tea in a banquet hall at a local Mariott Hotel. It was a hurried day, but fulfilling.

Our first stop was at the Waterloo Region Museum which focuses on the history of the Waterloo region. I had been here before, so I planned most of my time touring the Doon Heritage Village area which takes you back to life in the early 1900’s. 

Simpler times!

Later on, we all gathered in the museum’s theatre for our lesson on teas, tisanes, and syrups. All the information covered by the presenter was nothing new to me, but it’s always nice to re-learn old material. 

Listen up class!

The lecturer explained the basics which included:

Once the presentation was completed, we got the chance to try samples of 3 syrups and 3 tisanes. The syrups were so good! An Almond Syrup, a Lemon Syrup, and a Cinnamon and Brown Sugar Syrup really hit the spot. The tisanes were freshly made and included a Ginger Tisane, a Lemon Balm Tisane, and a Bee Balm Tisane. A recipe of the items sampled were provided to us, and I can’t wait to make the syrups at home!

To end the day off, we headed off to the Mariott for a typical Afternoon Tea. It was nothing special, but I was famished. 

Tiny sandwiches.

Scones and tarts.

The spread included finger sandwiches, scones and tarts, an array of mini cakes, and some very yummy chocolate covered strawberries. The tea wasn’t anything special. They were various Tazo brand teabags. I had an English Breakfast followed by and Earl Grey.

Mini cakes.

Berry divine!

My tummy felt so much better after devouring all that I had. My mind on the other hand could have done better without some of the company at my table. It always amazes me the amount of complaining some people do! Life’s too short to whine about everything. Keep calm and drink tea!

Overall, it was a lovely day to get out of the city on a lazy Sunday. It was something I really needed after a fast and busy couple of weeks without much rest!

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