Sunday, July 17, 2016

Chai Wares: Infusing can be amusing!

Okay, since I began studying tea a few years back, I've come across many designs of infusers. Some were your typical infuser balls, others came as sticks. Then there are those funky infusers that come shaped as various characters or objects. Some are cute, others are really cool. Whether they work to the full advantage of creating a great cup of tea is another matter. All of them, however, are pretty darn fun! Here are some fun and funky infusers I think are so neat.

What a quack!

Look!  A Loch Ness Monster sighting!

Hoot hoot!

Shark attack!

Swimming with the sharks!

Enjoying the tail end!

Stick men can be fun!

We all live in a yellow submarine!

The Tea-Rex!

Tea got your tongue?

I'm melting!

This is a sloth.  Look it up!


  1. I have that little duck infuser! When I had an office job my coworkers got a big kick out of it. A few of them even started drinking tea because of it :)