Sunday, July 10, 2016

Iced-tea bubbly without the tipsy feeling!

It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed a product, so, I thought this was the best time with the hot, humid weather we’ve been experiencing. I’m checking out another iced-tea. Yes, I’ve taste tested iced for another brand previously. I’ve also made my own iced-tea. However, this is a little different.

I found this iced-tea product on sale whilst out grocery shopping. It’s called Fruit₂O. It’s presented in a long, thin, sleek bottle, and it promotes itself as a sparkling iced-tea. Oh yeah? It’ll be like drinking champagne! I’m in.

A peek inside my refrigerator!

There were two different flavours available, so I decided to purchase both. They were on sale after all! I bought a Lemon flavour and a Peach flavour. I selected the Peach flavour for tasting first. The liquid poured like a sparkling wine. I even drank it out of a flute to add to the ambiance. 

A toast to iced-tea!

It had a light, fresh scent of peach. I guzzled it back! It was so refreshing. It tasted mostly of peaches and apples, with a light hint of tea. Very sweet indeed! 

The lemon flavoured iced-tea was just as refreshing. It tasted mostly of lemons and apples, with light notes of tea. Apple juice is a main, base ingredient it seems.

Perhaps it was the hot weather, or maybe it was the carbonated nature of the drink, but these drinks really quenched my thirst! I don’t think I could drink them every day due to the heavy sweetness. However, for something a little different than regular iced-tea, I’d go for it. 

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