Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My Cuppa: Tea with a bit of this and that!

At last! My final tea review from my Christmas gift package. Overall, the teas from this bundle weren’t too bad. Each had its ups and down. They weren’t extraordinary, more ho-hum in my opinion, but I wasn’t expecting much. I loved the teapot I got more so than the teas themselves.

You can read my reviews on the previous three teas by clicking on their links: Bergamot Black TeaPineapple Green Tea,  and Jasmine Green Tea.  This final tea I’m sampling is a black tea with apple pieces, natural apple and banana flavours, rose petals, cranberries, cornflower petals, and hibiscus flowers. Tutti fruity indeed!

See the specks!

The dry leaves of this sample were coloured with various specks of the ingredients. Even with all its fruitiness, it had a very earthy aroma. There was a slight tangy scent much like that of tamarind. The liquor was a beautiful golden, mahogany colour. It too had an earthy aroma with light floral scents.

Not a bad sip!

The taste of this tea was actually not that bad. I had it on its own first, then tried it with a little milk and sugar. It is much better left on its own. It had the taste of caramel or cooked yams. I didn’t detect any floral tastes but there was a slight aroma of flowers. The liquor itself also had good body. Not the greatest cup, but not bad at all.

This wraps up sampling all the teas from my gift package. Yea!

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