Friday, September 30, 2016

Chai Wares: Infusers you can take a shine to!

A few posts back, I presented a collection of some really cool infusers. The designs are endless. I wanted to show off some more funky infusers, only this time, something a little shiny.

For single cups, I sometimes use a mesh, metal infuser ball. It’s simple, easy, and works well for me. 

There are, of course, a variety of shapes all made of metal. Here are some that I think are pretty neat!

My regular infuser.

A cuppa.

Hey Pot... Kettle.

Big enough for ya?

I Robot.

Monkey shines!

Blast off!

Perfect landing!

I love elephants!

Give a hoot!

Hang in there.

Swirl this!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tea Readings: Who said that about tea?

How about another round of quotes all dedicated to my favourite drink? This time, I thought I'd share some interesting words from mysterious writers. Whoever they are, read, and enjoy what they have to say, along with your favourite brew. Check out one of my previous posts on other interesting quotes too!  

"Strange how a teapot can represent at the same time the comforts of solitude and the pleasures of company."

"Tea is liquid wisdom."

"Tea is a cup of life."

"This morning's tea makes yesterday distant."

"The froth of tea burns with brilliance."

"Tea purifies spirit, removes anxiety and nervousness, brings ease and comfort, and is conducive to meditation."

"Bread and water can so easily be toast and tea."

"Today I'd like to sit and sip,
Forget about the world a bit,
Ignore the things I have to do,
And just enjoy a cup or two."

"Optimism is a cheerful frame of mind which enables a tea kettle to whistle and sing although it is up to its neck in hot water all the time."

~ Authors Unknown

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Tea Story: Taking the plunge!

It's been a long time since I've written about a tea legend. I've been feeling very creative lately, so it’s the perfect time for a little tale. This is a story about forbidden love.

Once upon a time, a charming Prince fell madly in love with a gal who was below his social status. Isn't that always the case? This courtship really ruffled some feathers around the palace. How could a Prince take up companionship with a peasant girl with nothing to her name? The pair tried to hide their romance from the royal snobs, but were unsuccessful in all their efforts. So they ran. The Prince's father, upon hearing news of his son's flight, chased the two love birds all the way to the top of a waterfall. With no way out of this jam, and not wanting to live a life apart from one another, the Prince and his sweetheart held hands and jumped off the cliff of the waterfall, sealing their love for each other forever.

What does this lame story have to do with tea you might be thinking? Well, there are tea gardens grown on top of the cliff as well as the foothills by the waterfall. The aptly named Lovers' Leap Estate grows tea high above the town of Nuwara Eliya, at 5,700 feet above sea level. It is known to be some of the finest Ceylon tea in Sri Lanka.

Lovers' Leap tea is harvested from February through March. The large leaves produce a rich, black tea that is delicate with a slight astringency. With a biscuit like flavour, this tea is best enjoyed on its own, but can be taken with a little honey and lemon too.

If you're in the mood for a little romance and just happen to be in Sri Lanka, you can drop by -- pun intended -- and see the beautiful 30 metre long waterfall. Enjoy a cup of Lovers' Leap tea while you’re there too, but just watch your footing!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Teaology 101: Today’s post is brought to you by the letter 'E'!

Up next, it's time for letter 'E' words in my tea definitions project. Check out the previous posts as we go through the alphabet: Letter 'A'Letter 'B', Letter 'C', and Letter 'D'.

Earl Grey: Traditionally, a blend of black teas flavored with bergamot essence. This blend was named after Earl Charles Grey, the 2nd, a political figure.

Earthy: This can refer to an unpleasant taste caused by keeping tea in a damp storage. It may also be a taste characteristic of teas from certain regions. 

Empty: A poor quality in brewed tea that is weak and tasteless. 

English Afternoon: This is a delicate blend consisting mainly of Ceylon teas. 

English Breakfast: This is a popular blend of black teas that usually consists of Indian and Ceylon teas which make a full bodied brew.

Estate: Property that has gardens growing tea plants on it.

Even: This describes tea leaves that are all correct in their size for a specific grade.

Extra Choicest: A quality in the tea that is referred to as the best.