Saturday, October 22, 2016

Chai Wares: Neat knits for your teapots!

I’ve come across some really interesting decorative items for teapots I just had to share with everyone. You may have seen them. They are teapot cozies. What are they exactly? Well, think of them as little sweaters to cover teapots. Now why would a piping hot teapot need a sweater? For a couple of reasons I’ve been told: They help to keep your hands from getting burned by the heat penetrating from the teapot, and, they look pretty darned cute! I’m leaning more to the cuteness factor on this one. 

Here are just some of the ones I think are really neat, and I gotta say, there are some super talented people out there!

A purple something.


A snail's pace.


Crowning glory!

A flower pot!

Home sweet home!


In the jungle!

Just dessert!

Lovely lady!

Little lad!


Hello Officer!

Paddington Bear.


Sly fox!

What a buzz!

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