Saturday, October 15, 2016

My Cuppa: Take a leap and fall for tea!

A few posts back, I shared a tale of forbidden love. Lovers jumping to their deaths into a waterfall all because of their different social classes. I also mentioned that tea plants grow around the site the waterfall is located at. Lovers’ Leap is the name of the tea, and it is what’s in my cuppa for tasting!

Right off the top, I really liked this tea. I’m so glad I managed to find it available at a local tea shop. A bit pricey, but, Lovers’ Leap is a fine tea, and worth trying at least once. 

Leapin' leaves!

A fresh, sweet, grassy, aroma was released upon opening the package. The dry leaves are charcoal in colour and have a wiry appearance. I prepared the tea using 1 teaspoon for each cup of hot water, and allowing the tea to infuse for about 5 minutes. A beautiful, reddish-golden colour was produced, that had the scent of honey. 

Lovely colour!

As suggested, Lovers’ Leap is best enjoyed on its own, and I agree. It’s far too light to be mingling with milk. I had several cups, and I found that allowing the tea to cool down a bit, tasted much better. It’s slightly astringent, and really does have that biscuit-like taste as claimed. I think shortbread cookies would pair so well with this tea.

I’m happy to have taken the plunge. Though my feet are firmly planted on the ground, I’m jumping with delight for Lovers’ Leap!

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