Monday, January 30, 2017

A festivus for the rest of us!

The rest of us being tea drinkers that is! Another year has come for tea lovers to unite at the Toronto Tea Festival and learn more about their favourite beverage. This is the 5th year for this event and, of course, I volunteered yet again as I do every year. How can I not? I get to see some old friends, meet new people, and discover new teas all the while giving my time to help out. 

Genmaicha winner!

Like in previous years, I worked as an Exhibitor Supervisor, where my duties entailed fetching water for vendors and directing patrons to specific areas. Seems easy enough, but it can get really busy at times. Still enjoyable!

This year marked the return of vendors like Basilur Teas, Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Company, and JalamTeas. Some newcomers included: Blair Elements, Face & Body Tea Co., and Four Seasons Tea Co. Another newbie, called Turmeric Teas, proved to be quite popular among the wandering patrons. Rosewood Estates Winery also made their debut at the festival, and why not? There are many similarities between wines and teas. A few of my favourites like Genuine Tea and Chaiwala also returned. 

Turmeric Teas.

After dutifully completing my shift, I made my rounds like a regular attendee and scoped out vendors for some samples to sip. There were many wows! The coconut Chai offered by Chaiwala was effing awesome! 

Coconut Chai.

A rose Pu’erh from Wait Tea House was divine. I sampled a lovely Lapsang Souchong from Dream Tea House. A chaga from Tao Tea Leaf was a surprising delight. Also, a couple of Blueberry Rooibos tisanes, one from Tao Tea Leaf, the other from T by Daniel were both equally good.

Chai wow!

I was hoping for something a little more spectacular for a 5th anniversary, but no matter, it was still a great experience and day out. It was nice catching up with friends and seeing what they were up to in their tea journey. Funny how a simple beverage can connect people from all over. I’m looking forward to next year’s event and seeing what will become of all my contacts over this year.

To a new year!

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