Thursday, January 26, 2017

My Cuppa: Get oolong with friends!

I have written about oolong teas previously, but there’s always room for more. There are so many brands and variations of teas, with each having their own unique properties. This is yet another taste test of a tea suggested to me by a friend. She recommended this oolong from a brand she appears to be very fond of as she has provided me with samples of other teas from this company. 

A friend's fave!

This oolong from Greenfield doesn’t give much information on the packaging unfortunately. However, I really enjoyed it. I’m not sure what kind of oolong it was, but, from its appearance, it looked like Iron Goddess of Mercy or Tieguanyin, from the way the leaves were tightly rolled into balls. They also had a greenish-yellow colour with a light earthy scent.

Tieguanyin perhaps?

I prepared the oolong by first measuring out 1 teaspoon of leaves for each cup of water. Then, I rinsed the tea leaves quickly with some boiled water. Just pour the water over the leaves, give it a few swirls, and then discard the water. Afterwards, make the tea by pouring boiled water over the leaves and allowing the infusion process take over for about 5 minutes. The leaves produced a golden yellow liquor with a slightly smoky aroma. It was a smooth liquor with a bit of a sour taste that lingered at the back of my tongue. Also, there was a light astringency at the very end of each sip. 

Tasting time!

I re-used the leaves a second time and found the liquor was less sour and astringent, but tasted just as good as the first round. 

It’s a lovely oolong. It’s smooth and well flavoured with a nice colour. I’ve actually been consuming it like water over the past few days just for hydration purposes. It was a good purchase for something I can drink on a regular basis. Definitely a great suggestion from my friend!

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