Monday, January 9, 2017

Teaology 101: Today’s post is brought to you by the letter 'I'!

We’re on to the letter ‘I’ for our tea dictionary project. See all the previous definitions by clicking on their letters:

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Iced Tea: Brewed tea served cold over ice.

I-Chiban Cha: This is a Japanese term which refers to the first flush or first plucked tea. This type of tea generally has a very delicate taste.

Imperial Plucking: A processing method of specific teas for the Emperor of China.  Legend suggests that young virgins were used to pluck only the buds and youngest leaves. They were required to wear gloves and sometimes even used golden scissors to snip the buds and leaves.

Imperial Russian: A blend of teas from India and China and may also contain Bergamot and other citrus essences.

Imperial Tea: This is a leaf type made up of larger, older leaves, which are round rolled. Gunpowder green tea is such an example.

In-Between: Refers to leaves that are in the middle of two stages. For example, a Darjeeling tea between 1st and 2nd flush.

Infusion: This is the process of extracting and releasing the flavours and nutrients in tea leaves, herbs, or fruits, by placing them in hot water.

Instant Tea: This is processed tea extract that is reconstituted with hot water. Though, appealing for its convenience, it is not much on aroma and flavour.

Irish Breakfast: A blend of strong Indian and Ceylon black teas.

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