Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tea Readings: Tea and Cookies

Methinks it is time for another book review! This time, I want to tell you about a cute little book called Tea and Cookies by Rick Rodgers. Totally sounds like a fake name, no? I actually liked this book for its simplicity. It’s not a long read, coming at 139 pages. It’s quick and to the point. 

What goes with tea?

Tea and Cookies centres around the pairing of teas and sweets. In this case, cookies. What could possibly be better than bite-sized treats held in one hand and a piping cup of tea in the other? My go to cookies are macarons!

The book starts off with a tea primer which briefly covers some history, legends and myths, brewing basics, and how to store tea. It then breaks down by each tea type and how best to brew them for optimal taste and aroma. After the tea primer comes the cookie primer. Here, we are given an overview of ingredients typically used, required cooking equipment, the proper baking techniques, and the shaping of cookies.

Finally, we get into the good stuff: the recipes! They ranged from simple shortbread cookies to chocolate sandwich cookies stuffed with Earl Grey ganache. How dreamy does that sound? The section also goes beyond cookies by including other hand-held treats like granola bars and lemon squares. What I really liked about each recipe was the tea or tisane suggested to serve with each tasty delight.

The book ends with a chapter of recipes from various tea drinking countries, and what their traditional bite-sized nibbles include when pairing them with tea. Recipes include: Pistachio Meringues, Sesame Balls, Lime Madeleines, and Green Tea Custard Tartlets.

Tea and Cookies is a good book for the tea novice, especially the ones that like to bake and may want to re-create the Afternoon Tea experience, or, perhaps even a Chanoyu.

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