Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Teaology 101: Today’s post is brought to you by the letter 'M'!

We are half way through our alphabet of tea definitions. Woo-hoo! See all the previous definitions by clicking on their letters:

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Make:  Tea that is manufactured according to its grade

Malty:  A good taste specifically associated with Assam teas. A bit hard to describe, but, think of bread, beer, Ovaltine. Almost a doughy, yeasty taste with a hit of citrus notes. May also describe teas that are a bit over-fired.

Masala Chai:  Tea that has been produced using various spices. This is a traditional beverage consumed in India.  Something to note, chai just means tea in another language.

Matcha:  Japanese green tea where the leaves are made into a powder. Often used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony or Chanoyu.

Meat Tea:  Another term for High Tea where servings of meat are also provided.

Medium Grown:  Teas that are grown in-between low and high elevations, at approximately 600m to 1200m.

Mellow:  A smooth, pleasant taste without any strong astringency or bitter aftertaste.

Metallic:  An undesirable quality where the tea has a coppery taste.

Monkey Picked:  A myth actually, which suggests that monkeys were trained to pick tea leaves that were difficult for humans to access.

Moldy:  A poor quality in the taste and odor of the tea as a result improper storage.

Muddy:  Bad tea liquor with a dull, lifeless, and brownish appearance.

Muscatel:  A fine character in a tea that tastes like Muscat grapes. This quality can be found in Darjeeling teas.

Mushy:  A flat tea that may not have been dried sufficiently enough during the manufacturing process.

Musty:  Tea liquor that appears to be moldy or mildewed.

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