Friday, June 30, 2017

Pour me a cold one!

Whilst out making a purchase at a convenience store one day, I spotted bottles of ready made tea in the refrigeration section. A couple of the bottles were for green tea, but what really caught my eye was the bottle of afternoon milk tea. It's made by a company called Kirin, and from what I've been reading, it's made using tea leaves from the Kandy area in Sri Lanka. The product, however, is Japanese.

Ready made!

I was keen on trying it, and so decided to buy a bottle. It looked pretty good. Besides black tea, the drink contains a blend of milk, milk powder, artificial flavouring, and sweeteners. I certainly wouldn't say it's a healthy beverage, but I have to confess, it is delicious! 

Just pour!

It tasted like some Oolongs I've had in the past, with its floral scent and taste. I found it refreshing and it really quenched a thirst. It is pretty sweet though, and so would never think about drinking it regularly.

Cold brew!

Apparently milk tea is quite popular all over Japan. I'm thinking it's much like the Masala Chai made all over India, only it's offered chilled. I am glad I discovered it. It passes as a dessert to enjoy once in a while especially over the summer. I'm even thinking that making the beverage into popsicles wouldn't be such a bad idea! I will definitely swing by the store again and try out the other cold teas they have available.

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