Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tea Readings: In the words of Jarod Kintz!

Who? Um, you know. The Jarod Kintz. Okay, I actually don’t know who this person is really. He seems to be a writer of sorts. I just happened to come across many of his quotes, some of which pertain to tea. They’re not super hilarious, but I did find myself chuckling over many of his words. Thought I’d share the ones about tea with you:

“My thermos does such a good job of keeping my tea hot that it feels like I’m drinking iced tea.”

“I am greedy with water. I made your apology tea dry. I’m sorry. You might try snorting it out of the bag.”

“A cat purring on your lap while you sip hot tea, is there anything better? Oh, and you’re floating in a zero gravity environment.”

“I laughed so hard I nearly spit out my hot tea. The strange part was the fact that I was drinking coffee at that moment.”

“If I could make tea out of your love, would it be hot, or iced? Would it be black, or green? Would it be sweet, or unsweet? Would you offer free refills?”

“I treat strangers like friends, friends like family, and family like strangers. And I make love like a cup of coffee that likes a cup of tea.”

“Coffee, it's not my cup of tea. Being in love isn't really my cup of tea either, but when it's steamy I'll sip it dutifully.”

~ Jarod Kintz

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