Thursday, June 29, 2017

The Tea Spot: A simple taste of elegance!

Tucked away in an up-and-coming area of my city, is a cute little dessert shop called Roselle. I’ve heard about this place for several months now and have drooled over the pix on their website. I finally had the chance to swing by to try one of their tea infused desserts.

The treat I enjoyed was a  lovely piece of cake called “The Earl”. This bar is a “milk chocolate Earl Grey infused mousse, bergamot cremeux, vanilla sponge, crispy feuilletine”. Sounds sexy, no? The presentation was simple yet elegant. I almost didn’t want to break it apart. 

Divine dish!

I cautiously sliced into it and let each forked piece linger on my tongue, slowly melting the chocolate. It was divine! Creamy, crunchy, not overly sweet. I could even detect the earthy flavour of the tea. It wasn’t over-powering, but, it was there. I found myself separating the layers to get a closer look at the structure. 

Roselle didn’t have any Matcha infused desserts on this particular night, which is unfortunate. I was anguish to try an amazing looking cake they occasionally have on the menu. They also have an Earl Grey infused soft-serve ice-cream that I hear is quite a hit. That’s good. This gives me a reason to make another trip to their shop!

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