Sunday, July 30, 2017

The Tea Spot: A piece of crepe!

The last time I was at Tsujiri, I had their amazing Houjicha Soft Ice-cream. It was a delight! I wanted to try some of their other offerings, and so headed back to the shop.

This time around, I went for the Matcha Crepe Cake. It is layers of crepes in-between layers of what appeared to be a Matcha mousse, similar to the Matcha Angel Hat Cheesecake I had at 
Uncle Tetsu’s Angel CafĂ©

Crepe cake.

The cake looked good enough. It was a sweet Matcha with a slight bitter aftertaste. It was smooth and much creamier than I thought it would be. Initially, I found the texture a bit strange, almost jelly-like. I soon got over it, though, with each bite.

It wasn’t a bad cake, and I’m glad I tried it. However, I wasn’t particularly wowed by it. I’ve had far better cakes, and so will skip this one.  I guess you really can't always have your cake!

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