Sunday, August 6, 2017

Adventures in tea and baking!

A couple of nights ago, I attended a Baking with Tea workshop hosted by Zen of Teaventures in partnership with Feena of Fefe Bonbon. It was a very casual evening and I had no expectations of any kind. To me, it was a night out meeting people who have a common interest.

Pretty teapot!

Zen opened the event by having the small group introduce themselves. I got the feeling everyone already knew each other through friendship or past events. I was the newbie! Zen introduced herself as a Tea Sommelier graduate from George Brown College. It's always nice to meet a fellow graduate and seeing where their studies took them. She continued her tea talk by sharing family stories, types of tea and how to brew them, and the many uses of tea besides consumption. It was an open dialogue where the group offered up their own experiences with tea. Unlike coffee, tea is a very social experience. As we chattered on, we enjoyed a pot of Darjeeling Chai produced by Teaventures. 

What to drink?
Later on, Feena, our Baker, took over and guided the group in the making of masala chai infused shortbread cookies and icing for cupcakes. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, the participants did not get to make icing, and instead just used the icing made by our baking instructor. The baking and decorating portion of the workshop was not very difficult. In fact, Feena, who instructs baking courses to children, brought along all her colourful cooking instruments she normally uses in her children's classes. Hmmmm... I wonder if she finds children easier to school than adults! LOL! Anyway, I wasn't expecting anything too deep in the workshop. The cookies and cupcakes looked decent and tasted pretty good. I have used tea in some of my past baking, and will definitely fine tune what I learned this evening and take them into consideration. 

Colourful tools!

Masala chai cupcakes!

When the evening came to an end, Zen approached me and offered up a package of her Darjeeling Chai, thanking me for attending her event. I will surely be enjoying this lovely tea. It really is good! She also seemed a bit apologetic about the workshop possibly being a little too easy for me because of my tea and pastry background.  I assured her many times over that I had a great time, enjoyed meeting her and everyone else, and had no expectations at all for what I signed-up for. She is super kind as is Feena, and I look forward to attending future events hosted by this talented pair.

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