Monday, August 28, 2017

My Cuppa: It’s Maya Chai, Darjeeling!

Yup. That’s a corny title. I try and add humour in my writing whenever I can. Didn’t say it was always good! Anyway. A few weeks ago I had attended a tea and baking workshop hosted by Teaventures. I really enjoyed my evening meeting like-minded people, talking tea, and making some tea infused treats. As mentioned, I was given a gift of a packet of tea by the event co-ordinator. The tea is called Maya. It’s a Darjeeling tea, and I am now trying it out!

Oh Darjeeling!

Darjeeling, as a masala chai, isn’t really the norm. Assam has traditionally been the chosen chai to make a masala chai. Assam is strong and bold enough to handle a variety of spices. Darjeeling, the "champagne of teas", is quite delicate, and best consumed on its own. Teaventures has done a great job of combining a simple and very subtle blend of spices to Darjeeling without destroying the tea. The spices used are star anise, green cardamom, and cracked peppercorns. They did not go overboard with gazillion different items to create this lovely tea!

From the aroma of the dark green tea leaves when the packet was opened, to the taste of the golden amber coloured liquor, everything about Maya was gentle. I found the smell of the dry leaves fresh and grassy. The spices in combination with the tea leaves smelled familiar to me. It reminded me of an herbal blend I use in some Italian dishes. 

Ohhhh Darjeeling!

The infusion was superb! Darjeeling is perfect without the need for milk or sugar, and that same sentiment holds true for it as a masala chai. It was flavourful without spice overkill. It’s slightly astringent at the end of each sip, but it did not linger. I really enjoyed this tea!

Teaventures has a Chai Collection of various black teas and a selection of spices to go along with that particular tea. They all sound amazing and I’m very curious to try each one of them. I’m sure they will become regulars in my ever-expanding tea cupboard!

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