Saturday, August 19, 2017

Teaology 101: Today’s post is brought to you by the letter ‘S’!

Time for the letter ‘S’ in our tea focused dictionary. Don’t forget all the previous letters:

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Samovar:  A heated metal container used to heat water in for making tea. Quite popular in Russia.

Scented tea:   Teas leaves that have been flavoured with oils, flower petals, or spices. Jasmine and Earl Grey are such examples.

Self-drinking:  Teas that don't need to be blended as they are perfect on their own.

Semi-fermented:  Tea that has only been partially oxidized prior to being fired and dried. These types of teas usually refer to Oolongs.

Sencha:  A popular, Japanese green tea that enjoyed as an everyday beverage.

Silver Dragon:  A Chinese green tea that's slightly sweet and nutty.

Silvery Oolong:  A costly tea made from the delicate whitish first flush leaves.

Silvery Tipped Pekoe:  Rare and costly, this is White Tea made of the unopened tea leaves or buds.

Sinensis:  This is a variety of the Camellia plant. See Camellia sinensis.

Sappy:  Full and juicy flavour liquor.

Single Estate Tea:  Any tea that originated from one single tea garden or plantation.

Smoky:  Tea leaves that give a taste and aroma of smoke as a result being fired over open flames on wood. Lapsang Souchong is such an example. However, the smokiness may also be unintentional and caused by faulty driers during the drying process.

Soft:  Lacking in flavour, this is weak tea that is under oxidized.

Souchong:  Referring to leaf size, this is inferior tea made from larger, older leaves of the shoot, usually the third or fourth leaf.

Sour:  Tea that has an acidic smell and taste. Not a good trait.

Spicy:  This does not refer to a Masala Chai. This is liquor with the characteristics of spices such as cinnamon, cloves, or ginger possibly caused by cross-contamination.

Sri Lanka:  Formerly referred to as Ceylon, this island produces some of the finest black teas.

Stale:  Tea that is passed its prime and no longer fresh.

Stalk:  Tea leaves that contain pieces of stems due to improper plucking.

Steaming:  Light heat application, usually on green tea, during the manufacturing process.

Stewed/Stewy:  Soft liquor due to a lengthy fermentation, low drying temperature, or incorrect firing. Also refers to brew that has been infused far too long giving an unpleasant taste.

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