Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Tea Spot: A new chai to try!

A little shop I've been meaning to check out since it opened not too long ago, is Elchi Chai Shop. It's received some great reviews, and I now know why.

Elchi Chai Shop is a cute little place with simple decor. The columns are plastered with fun facts about a variety of spices that are used in the shop. The menu looked great and I did have some trouble deciding what to get. I'll definitely have to swing by a few times in order to try the various dishes and drinks.

When I finally settled on my order and waited patiently for it, I was salivating at the food the neighbouring tables were getting. Everything looked delicious! It was a grey day but quite muggy, so I decided to go for an Iced Masala Chai instead of a hot beverage. For my meal, I went for the Butter Chicken Roti and Vegetable Samosas.

The samosas were a nice mix of spices. They were crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside. They were served with a tamarind chutney that had just a touch of sweetness. I was expecting just one, but received two. Not complaining at all!


The butter chicken was creamy with tender pieces of chicken. Not overly spicy, it came with some chopped peanuts to sprinkle on top. They added another level of texture providing a good crunch. The roti came in rough pieces. It was soft and slightly crunchy and went well with the butter chicken.

Butter Chicken!

On to my iced tea. I loved it! It came presented in a mason jar which I thought was just too cute! It was sweet, but not so sugary. It was a perfect balance of spicy and sweet. I could detect cardamom and anise. It really tasted like a traditional, authentic, masala chai you'd get in India. It was refreshing and went well with my meal.


The Elchi Chai Shop has become one of my new favourite places to attend. It's simple, casual, and affordable, with a great menu and very friendly staff. I've already been thinking of my next visit and hope to bring along a few friends to enjoy it as well.

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