Monday, September 25, 2017

A Tea Story: The magical, mystery tour of duty!

Xinyang Maojian is a type of green tea produced in the province of Henan in China. “Xinyang” is named after the city where the tea is grown. “Maojian” is made up of two words, and describes the appearance of the tea leaves: “mao” means fur or fuzz, and “jian” means sharp or tip. There is an interesting tale that tells the story of how this tea came into fruition in Xinyang.

A long, long time ago, the locals in the tiny village of Xinyang were plagued with a mysterious disease. No one knew what it was, and no known medicine could cure them of their illness. A brave young gal, frightened and concerned by what was happening to the folks in her village, searched high and low for all possible solutions to rid the disease that fell upon her people. 

One day, whilst out searching, the girl came across an old man who provided her with some very useful info. He instructed her to cross 99 mountains in order to find a special, magical tree, from which she would gather some leaves off of. She was required to bring these leaves back home with her within 10 days, which would then cure all the people in the village. Up for a challenge, and some cardio, the girl ventured off and crossed the 99 mountains where she did indeed find the magical tree. Her joy soon turned to sorrow, for when she found the tree, she had no energy for the trek back to her village. Clearly, there was no way the girl was going to make it back home lacking in water, energy bars, and proper footwear. 

Angry Birdgirl to the rescue!

 The guardian of the tree took pity on the hapless girl and decided to help her out by transforming her into a bird. The girl could now carry the leaves and seeds and just fly back home. How easy was that? The villagers were in a state of euphoria now that they were cured of their disease. Soon, they began planting the seeds of the magical tree which ultimately grew into a tea garden

Oh the wonders of tea! What happened to the girl anyway? Did she remain a bird? Hmmm....

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